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Our predicted wedding trends for 2024

As every year begins, it brings new seasonal trends in every aspect of life. With plenty of weddings coming this year, we have our predicted wedding trends for 2024. 


Every year we all reach more and more advances in being a sustainable society. We believe this year will also be a year for sustainable weddings. In our previous blogs, we have mentioned renting dresses, shopping in charity shops and just genuinely thinking about sustainably as much as you can. Not only can you source responsibly and make changes to wedding clothing, which includes bridesmaids dresses and also the Groom’s outfit, but you can be more mindful in other areas of your day.

Many people now opt for petal confetti and don’t use plastic straws; all tiny details that help!


Bold Weddings

We all know everyone loves a pastel wedding with delicate flowers and dainty details. We are now seeing more and more bright, unusual and bold weddings. So we predict 2024 will be the year for this. Whether that’s bright flowers, non-traditional wedding dresses, or even quirky details that make your wedding personal to you! This year we predict more boldness, more unique themes and more weddings that express you and your partner. 

Weekend Celebrations

This year we think making whole weekends out of your wedding will be even more popular. Many people feel that one day is just not enough. Especially when you have spent months or even years planning your special day. It just seems to be all over, way too fast! Weekender weddings, especially in the warmer months, will take over, and we can’t wait! Now, we are specifically thinking about a UK getaway but many people jet off to the sun for their wedding celebrations, and if you have the budget, why not? 

We have plenty of accommodation for you and your bridal party to rent, both before as well as after your wedding. Why disappear off on your honeymoon straight away, when you can enjoy spending just a little more time with family and friends, all in one place.

And don’t forget, to make things even more special, we have our bridal suite to get ready in, on the day itself.

Saving a seat

2023 showed us plenty of weddings that had empty saved seats for loved ones who had passed. We believe this is a beautiful way to save space in everyone’s hearts for someone you wanted there on your special day. This is something we hope stays popular for many years and we think it will definitely carry on being just as important throughout this year. This is such a special and lovely gesture, so we can’t see it fading out. 

Food Trucks and Vans

Back to our point above about fun and unique weddings, we believe ditching the sit-down catering and opting for pizza vans and hotdog trucks will be incredibly popular, especially for summer outdoor weddings. 2024 will be the year that even more relaxed weddings shine.

Of course, the stunning traditional wedding will always remain, but year on year seems that everyone is just doing what makes them happy; to minimises stress levels and to have more fun.  

The Year to de-stress

It appears this year everyone’s resolution is to just take a moment relax, and do what makes you truly happy. That goes for your wedding as well. You and your partner can create the wedding of both of your dreams and let us help you. We cater to you, for you and can make your wedding dreams come true. Contact us today.

Looking for the perfect wedding venue in 2024?

A beautiful wedding in 2024 is more than a trend. From the stunning landscapes to the personalised details, Blackstock Estate provides a canvas for crafting a wedding that is uniquely yours. So, why settle for the ordinary when you can have an extraordinary celebration, surrounded by the breathtaking beauty of the rural Sussex countryside?

We would love to show you around – so please book your own private viewing today!

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