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Honouring Loved Ones at Blackstock Country Estate 

Honouring a loved one is an essential part of the grieving process and a beautiful way to celebrate their life. Here at Blackstock Country Estate, we recognise the importance of offering a stunning venue for such meaningful occasions. The majority of the time the venue is utilised by couples tying the knot. However, the estate’s dedicated event coordinators are more than happy to help assist with memorials, wakes & celebrations of life. Join us today in honouring loved ones at Blackstock Country Estate.  

The venue

Blackstock Country Estate provides a versatile venue for a variety of memorial events. For over 500 years, the timelessness of our 16th-century barns has been preserved and restored with care. We have strived to honour its original charm and character in every way possible while also accommodating the necessities for hosting a modern event. Traditional frames and structures were maintained but updated with contemporary finishings that delivered a captivating effect.

The food

Whether you would like a buffet for everyone attending, or a sit down meal, we can chat through all the options available to you. We have in-house chefs who are excellent are creating a wonderful menu you will be completely happy with.

The estate

Located in the heart of the stunning landscapes and rolling hills of Sussex, Blackstock Country Estate is an ideal spot to cherish the life of someone really special. Boasting both indoor and outdoor spaces, the estate enables you to adapt your event accordingly. Our peaceful venue will add a special touch to any wake and will help those attending reflect on the life of those who have passed.

Nearby crematoriums

Your convenience is at the heart of everything we do. We wanted to offer this service due to us being less than less than 3 miles from Wealden Crematorium and only 14 mins drive from Eastbourne Crematorium. There are also many local churches who hold burials. Therefore making us an ideal choice where you can celebrate your loved one, remembering funny as well as thoughtful moments you have all shared.

Professional assistance

Planning an event to honour a loved one can be incredibly emotionally challenging. Blackstock Country Estate would be more than willing to provide professional support and assistance throughout the entire planning process. They are all experienced in creating meaningful tributes and will be more than happy to guide you every step of the way.


If you are interested in spending the night, our estate is fitted with a variety of luxury accommodations to house your guests. This is an excellent solution for those travelling from afar and not wanting to drive home late or go through the hassle of finding a hotel for the night.
Alternatively, if you have friends or family that could not make the event for whatever reason we have connections with a company called Clarity Media who can live stream the event for those watching around the world.

Get in touch

Honouring loved ones at Blackstock Country Estate allows for a truly memorable and meaningful experience. Our stunning estate, personal approach and a variety of venue options create the ideal setting to celebrate and remember those who have impacted our lives.
If you are interested in holding a memorial, wake or celebration of life to honour a loved one at Blackstock Country Estate please feel free to reach out. Give the team a call on 01323 848006 or email to arrange a viewing.

We will ensure your loved one receives the heartfelt tribute they deserve.

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