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Creating The Perfect Summer Wedding

Wondering how to create the perfect summer wedding? Summer is synonymous with warmth, vibrancy, and romance, making it the ideal season for saying “I do” surrounded by the beauty of nature and the joy of loved ones. With sun-kissed ceremonies and beautiful garden wedding receptions, summer weddings offer endless possibilities for creating unforgettable moments. If you’re planning to tie the knot during the sunniest months of the year, we’ve got you covered with essential tips, creative ideas, and boundless inspiration to help you have the perfect summer wedding.

Embrace the Season

Summer weddings are all about embracing the beauty and abundance of the season. Our venue showcases the splendour of summer, with acres of beautiful gardens and farmland as well as many scenic opportunities for pictures. Let nature be your backdrop and infuse your celebration with the colours, scents, and textures of the season. Not only are our grounds breathtaking in summer but we have a beautiful lake where ducks like to enjoy the sun too. You may also spot other animals wandering around – talk to us about having your photo taken with some of them!

Light and Airy Fashion

Beat the heat in style with light and airy wedding attire that keeps you cool and comfortable while exuding effortless elegance. Opt for breathable fabrics like chiffon, silk, or linen for your wedding gown and suits. Consider incorporating summery hues or floral accents into your attire to complement the season’s vibe. Even if you are set on a wedding dress that may be on the warmer side, choose a breathable option to change into when the ceremony is done. Not only will you feel cooler but you’ll have more freedom to dance!

Outside Games

We have a wonderful patio area where you could organise some outside games. You don’t want to be stuck indoors when the sun is shining! Be as creative as you like! We have had mini golf on the patio as well as Jenga, magicians and all sorts of other outdoor fun activities. Don’t forget we also have our play barn to keep the children entertained.

Refreshing Beverages and Cuisine

Treat your guests to a taste of summer with a menu featuring seasonal ingredients and refreshing beverages. Serve up chilled Pimms, cocktails, fruity mocktails, and ice-cold lemonade to keep everyone cool and hydrated. Incorporate local and seasonal flavours into your menu for a culinary experience that captures the essence of summer.

Twilight Weddings

Take advantage of the long summer days by planning your ceremony to coincide with the breathtaking beauty of sunset. Exchange vows as the golden hour bathes your surroundings in a warm, ethereal glow, creating a magical backdrop for your love story. Choosing a wedding when the sun is slowly starting to set can make a magical wedding to remember! Take advantage of that evening summer glow.

Plan for the Weather

While summer weddings offer the promise of sunshine and clear skies, it’s essential to plan for the possibility of classic British rainfall. Whilst we offer outdoor weddings which are beautiful and getting more and more popular, we also have a back up of our Tudor Barn, so please speak to us about this. You would have exclusive use of the venue so if the dream is to get married outside but the weather isn’t playing ball, then we will find a great alternative.

Also maybe provide shade, fans, and cool refreshments to keep guests comfortable in the summer heat. or if the wedding day looks like troublesome weather is afoot, then how about ordering some matching brollies – this makes for great photographs!

Looking For More Tips On How To Create The Perfect Summer Wedding?

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We hope our tips on creating the perfect summer wedding helped with your wedding planning. Additionally, if you are after some advice on your wedding planning we would be more than happy to guide you in the right direction. Call the team on 01323 848 006 and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Here’s to sunny skies, warm breezes, and a lifetime of happiness together!

If you are interested in having a private viewing of our estate and grounds then please get in touch. If you would also like to read about a further guide to a groom’s wedding day, click here to read even more.

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