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The Groom’s Guide to His Wedding

Your wedding day is one of the most special days of your life and navigating through an event as significant as this can cause some headaches. So here is the groom’s guide to his wedding day and we hope you can take a bit of inspiration from it!

While the bride typically takes centre stage, the groom still plays a crucial role in the making of a wedding. So, to all the soon-to-be husbands who have received this in a message from their partners, buckle up for some essential tips to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience on your big day…

While your presence will be much appreciated (!!!) it should go without saying that you need to do more than simply just show up. Understand the significance of the day and know that feeling the nerves is natural. Acknowledge these feelings and try to use them to fuel excitement rather than anxiety for what’s to come!

Groom Attire

Your wedding attire should be sharp – James Bond “esque”. Selecting the right outfit involves considering style, comfort and the overall theme of your wedding. If you’re unsure, take the time to talk to your bride to ensure your outfit coordinates with the chosen theme. It would be best if you aimed to not only look good but also feel good. So wear the clothes that make you feel most confident.

Make sure your shoes are all clean before the morning – don’t waste precious memory gatheriong moments, doing boring jobs like this!

And do make sure you get loads of photos beforehand. Don’t forget your partner won’t see this special stage of the day and she will definitely want to! Speak to the photographer, but also get your group to take plenty of fun shots, both outside and also whilst getting ready!

Grooming the Groom

Grooming is key but don’t take things too far. There should be no surprises as your bride walks down the aisle – now is not the time to try out a drastically new hairstyle! A simple skincare routine and a tidy appearance are all you need. Whether you have a clean shave or a beard, ensure it’s well-groomed. A fresh haircut will also go a long way in creating a polished look. Just don’t go mad!

Make sure you have organised food for you and all your groomsmen – there is nothing quite like a group of men who are hungry! However, eat before you get dressed and tell everyone else to. You really won’t be in anyone’s good books, if there are baked beans or egg on your tie!

Also, it probably isn’t the best idea to drink too much beforehand – plenty of time to do that after the wedding vows and photographs!

Be Organised

Have a clear and outlined schedule for the morning to avoid any last-minute chaos. Allow more than enough time for each activity, including eating, getting ready and transportation. Unexpected delays can, and usually will, happen at the worst possible times.

Wedding Vows

Take your time and be thoughtful with your vows, think about the meaning behind what you’re saying. Your vows should be unique and reflective of your relationship, it is a moment you both will cherish. Remember, your vows are sacred, you’re not at an open mic night at a comedy club. Any jokes or gentle digs can wait for your speech.

You could also consider running your speech or vows past your best man and maid of honour beforehand. This ensures that your message comes across just as you want it to.

And don’t forget to breathe, speak clearly, slowly and loud enough for the congregation to hear.

Post-Wedding Celebrations

Take the time to appreciate and enjoy the reception. Connect with guests, dance and celebrate with your partner. We know there will be a lot of people to thank and show appreciation for, just make sure your newly-wedded bride receives her well-deserved share of affection.

Let Loose

Even if dancing isn’t your thing, take a moment to enjoy the dance floor. If you’re up for dancing, consider preparing something in advance—it can be a fun way to celebrate and entertain your guests. So, let loose and dance like no one is watching!

While some might need a bit of liquid courage to hit the dance floor, today is definitely not the day to go overboard at the open bar—especially since you’re the one covering the bill!

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We hope our light-hearted blog on the groom’s guide to his wedding day helps you out on your wedding day. Remember, it’s just as much your day as it is your bride so cherish and enjoy the day as a whole.

You can always speak to us quietly beforehand if you have any other special touches you want to surprsie your partner with on the day.

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