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Why You Need Singing Waiters On Your Wedding Day

Blackstock Country Estate recently had the joy of hosting The Singing Waiters! The fabulous Singing Waiters offer you the perfect surprise entertainment for your event, especially at weddings where no one suspects a thing! They are an extremely talented team with heaps of experience. Many of the team are West End actors and have been classically trained to perform an impressive range of music with a set list designed to excite any audience.

The majority of singing waiters opt for opera or use backing tracks; however this team offers something completely different. These guys provide a unique performance of popular music played live on an acoustic guitar. It comes across as a light-hearted take on a more traditional performance. Their aim is to combine music with laughter, promising to deliver a surprise to inject energy into your event – just when it’s needed and least expected…



The Singing Waiters Performance

To start with, the team of Singing Waiters will charismatically greet your guests on arrival, posing as real staff. They wear the same uniform and work alongside the real waiters or catering team. From experience, we can tell you they have a team bursting with witty charm and professionalism; your guests will not suspect a thing.

Imagine the surprise when the announcement is made and the ‘waiters’ dramatically break into song, playing guitars and entertaining the room. With amazing vocals and beautiful harmonies; a larger-than-life performance is promised that will have your guests in stitches and singing along.

To watch a range of video performances click here.

Will They Work For You?

Their act is suitable for any size group or venue.  They use a minimum of three performers for their shows but they can also accommodate additional singers if required.  They play live music which usually allows them to perform unamplified to an audience of 100 guests or less.  For a larger audience, they can provide full sound production for their performance. So no matter what, they can accommodate your every need.

We adored having The Singing Waiters at Blackstock Country Estate. They were a true pleasure to have around and will be recommending them to our future couples who are looking for some lighthearted entertainment. We really look forward to seeing them again.

The singing Waiters are based in London but frequently travel all across the UK (and abroad) to perform. So no matter where your event is taking place they will happily travel to entertain your guests.  Having performed at over a thousand events and recently entertained the Royal Family – this act really does have something for everyone.

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