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The Ultimate Guide to Wedding Crazy Golf

Name a better combination than golfing and getting married! Well for some anyway, especially if you have a real love for the game itself!

Bintems Crazy Golf is a family business offering unique, handmade, portable crazy golf entertainment! It’s the perfect way to bring people together.

Crazy golf is the perfect way to involve every single one of your guests, whatever the age, with entertainment to please all. It’ll help create some friendly competition and also bring out some real competitiveness amongst your guests.

When Bintems Crazy Golf visited us and set up their 9-hole course in our courtyard it was a blast. Surprisingly, it was a real crowd-pleaser and was great to occupy the guests whilst the bride and groom spent some quality time alone taking pictures. From the looks of things, everyone had an absolute ball and we would have them back in a heartbeat. The team from Bintems Crazy Golf was incredibly friendly and brought a great atmosphere with them; they even offered a few quick tips on the more difficult holes.

You could set up a Team Bride and Team Groom and let the Groomsmen and Bridesmaids compete on your behalf. It’s really easy to make it a make a fun competition out of the crazy golf and make it into a proper event.

Enjoying a game of crazy golf might not be what you exactly had in mind in terms of entertainment on your wedding day. However, it went down an absolute treat with the guests and was a great bit of casual fun for both families.

Bintems Crazy Golf offers 3 packages; the Deluxe, Classic and Flexi. The Deluxe offers 9-hole crazy golf + garden games (giant connect 4, giant jenga and cornholes). A variety of putters, low bounce balls, scorecards, pencils and leaderboard! The Classic offers just the 9 hole crazy golf and the Flexi allows you to work with them to build your perfect bespoke package.

If this is something you would like to organise then please let us know when you speak to us!

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