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How soon do you want to get married?

With everything having being put on hold and delayed over the last few years, couples are now desperate to say “I do”. So they are being more creative with their weddings. Perhaps making them bigger as they have been fed up with waiting and want to celebrate. Or maybe smaller, not necessarily going for the typical “church wedding” (which is where we come in!).

What they are also doing is kicking the traditional Saturday into touch and going for different days of the week – Thursday, Friday, Sunday…or really any day of the week, so long as they can actually create something magical and lovely for both themselves as well as the rest of their family and friends.

And what is great at the moment is we have have lots of options as well as offers for you! Including price freezing for 2023 as well as winter offers.

Off-Season Weddings 

Generally speaking, we have found that the most popular seasons to get married in are the warmer months. For good reason too, the weather is usually gorgeous and whether it is spring, summer or autumn, you will get a different perspective, whatever the season.

With spring everything is bright and new…daffodils, tulips and every bud just popping. Sometimes there will be heavy showers and also a fair bit of windy weather, but the days can also be glorious and if you hit it right, then you are onto a winner.

Summer has those hazy long days that we hope are warm and dry, with everyone just loving the weather. It stays warm well into the evening, which means our patio are is always full – just wonderful!

Those stunning autumnal colours are simply beautiful. And more often than not, can be better weather than the typical summer months.

Winter Weddings

However, there is a major appeal for some who see the less common months as the perfect way to enjoy their wedding.

Here at Blackstock, we believe that Winter Weddings can offer a really enchanting feel that most summer-autumn weddings simply cannot compete with. Not only are winter weddings absolutely breathtaking but they are extremely convenient from a planning position. Even if you haven’t started planning your wedding you have a rough idea of how challenging it can be for dates to line up. For an on-season wedding, you looking at having to wait over a year for an available slot. This is due to the high demand from other couples wanting their wedding during that time of the year.

Just the thought of the beautiful sparkles and light blue colours is filling us with excitement for the winter months this year! Chosen outfits can be really unusual as well, which make for amazing photo opportunities!

Winter weddings make for an excellent change of pace and will allow you to be unique and express yourself through the decoration of the venue. Not to mention the near-endless opportunities you have with making the outfits stunning.

Our offer to you…

Blackstock Country Estate currently have a limited time offer on our incredible Winter Weddings. We are a beautiful Tudor Barn Venue located in the heart of the eloquent Sussex countryside. We have luxury onsite accommodation to make your time with us that much more special and less stressful. With this offer, you could experience the same fabulous team of people, the most amazing food and a beautiful venue, yet at a fraction of the price. To view the details of the deal click here

Mid Week Weddings 

Renting a venue will likely be the largest expense for you on your big day. Midweek weddings are an excellent way to cut some of those costs. Due to the reduced amount of competition these days, availability will be much more forgiving if you’re looking to plan something a little more short notice. Taking that a step further, any suppliers or photographers are much more likely to be available for a mid-week event. You wouldn’t want to miss out on a key aspect of your celebration because of the day your wedding falls upon. 

Mid week weddings are also incredibly popular at the moment, as couples are desperate to get married and so will choose a mid week date to ensure their booking.

The money you save would allow you to include many more of the little details that you had in mind throughout the planning stage of your wedding. Things like personalised name cards on the tables or additional flowers or decor dotted around can make all the difference on a wedding day.

Get Outdoors

Outdoor weddings can make for some of the most intimate and romantic occasions. By sticking with the same furniture and decor you were planning to but simply bringing the ceremony outside, it can offer a great juxtaposition on your big day. Outdoor weddings make for some of the finest wedding photographs, particularly if you are at a stunning venue.

Outdoor wedding ceremonies. for obvious reasons, work better in the summer months due to the warmer weather. This ensures that you and your guests aren’t shivering as you said ‘I do’.

In more recent years outdoor weddings have become more and more popular and it is clear to see why… when the weather is good they always go down an absolute charm. However, the UK weather is notorious for being unreliable and is rarely cooperative. Just make sure you have a set-out alternative plan with your venue if the weather doesn’t go your way. This is a slight risk but very much worth it if it pays off.

Did you know that Blackstock Estate offer outdoor ceremonies to be married? Well we do and they are proving extremely popular!

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