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Danni & Scott’s Wedding at Blackstock Estate

On the 15th of April this year, we had the joy of hosting Danni & Scott’s Wedding at Blackstock Country Estate. The couple’s special day required a lot of meticulous planning but it resulted in a memorable experience for them as well as all of their guests. It was clear that every element had been carefully thought through to make their wedding a truly unforgettable one. 

Danni’s Bridal Suite

Danni and Scott arrived at similar times, with Danni being whisked off to our luxurious onsite bridal suite. The suite provided ample space for Danni and her bridal party to relax and prepare for the day ahead in style.

We like to think that booking this wonderful space with us is the perfect way to start any wedding. The anticipation and excitement it builds is really infectious! Plus, being on-site means that once everyone is ready there is no hassle of moving to another location… Bliss!

Their Ceremony

The Tudor Barn was the location of the ceremony for the couple. This enchanting and historical barn brought a rustic, charm to the event. The fabulous architecture of the barn provided a graceful backdrop for Danni and Scott to exchange their heartfelt vows. Adorned with fairy lights and flowers, the decor gave a warm and inviting impression to guests.

As she was walked down the aisle, Danni exuded total grace. Her stunning white bridal gown showcased her natural elegance and beauty. Scott wore a timeless grey suit that embodies sophistication and class. His bow tie only added to this, making him look incredibly smart and handsome.

A rush of emotions flooded the room as the bride and groom exchanged vows and promised to love each other till death do them part. It was a moment that will never be forgotten and was cherished by everyone present.

Post Ceremony

After the ceremony had come to its natural conclusion, everyone ventured out onto the courtyard area to enjoy a selection of drinks and canapes, prepared by the in-house catering team.

With their guests happily occupied, Danni and Scott took the opportunity to take part in a photo shoot with talented photographer Samuel George.  Together they explored our wonderful grounds and found some brilliant spots to capture some fantastic photographs.

The Menu

Once the newlyweds had concluded their photoshoot, they made the brief walk back to the main site and entered the Granary Barn. Mr and Mrs Walton were then announced to the room for the very first time! Scott took the opportunity to perform a quick welcome speech and thank everyone for joining them on such a momentous day.

Upon hearing the announcement, our in-house catering team began to make any final preparations for the wedding food prepared. Here are some of the culinary delights the happy couple and their guests enjoyed:

CHORIZO SCOTCH EGG with crispy pancetta, heritage tomato salsa and roasted pepper dressing

MELTED BAKED CAMEMBERT, served with a plum and apple chutney, baby leaves and sour dough crostini

FEATHERBLADE OF BEEF, in a red wine jus, served with roasted red onion and truffle mash

FETA FILO TART, filled with feta cheese, red onion marmalade and wilted rocket leaves and leaves, served with a white wine and tomato sauce.

BANOFFEE EATON MESS, incorporating bananas, toffee and crushed meringue

Unknown to all but the bride and groom, the event also featured singing waiters to perform during the dessert, a real surprise to everyone there!

Evening Celebrations

As the evening approached, Danni and Scott returned to the Tudor Barn, now transformed into a stunning space for their evening reception. The barn glowed with enchanting lighting, setting the perfect atmosphere for celebration. Warmly welcoming their evening guests, the festivities unfolded with music, dancing, and joy.

Following the cutting and serving of their wedding cake, the happy couple took to the dance floor for their first dance as a married pair. It was undeniably a highlight of the day, with the couple moving gracefully in sync.

As the night unfolded, the jubilant celebrations continued. When the festivities began to wind down, the couple concluded their magical day by retiring to Room 1 of the Blackstock Farmhouse, their luxurious on-site accommodation for the night. Here, they would spend their first night as a married couple, surrounded by the beautiful memories and the love that had filled their wedding day.

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