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Budget Wedding Ideas

11th May 2018

Planning on tying the knot sometime soon, but concerned about the expense? Although experts estimate that the average wedding costs more than £25,000, this does not have to be the case. Small changes to your big day can make all the difference, without making you look like a cheapskate!

The most important thing to consider when trying to keep costs in check is to first set yourselves a budget. There’s no point making a list of everything you want and then realising it’s costing double what you can afford, so be realistic from the start. Next, prioritise. Work out what each of you is willing to pay the earth for and what can be compromised – do you want a designer dress, or is a luxurious honeymoon more important? Can you sacrifice the wedding videographer for the DJ the groom has been dreaming of? And of course, keep track of what you are spending. Whether you use a spreadsheet or one of the many tools available online, keeping tabs on how much you’ve already spent will keep you on track to meet your budget, and prevent any nasty surprises.

To begin with, getting the news of the big day out to all of your guests can be pricey, with printed invitations often costing an arm and a leg. Alternatives such as e-invites and websites can be a great cost saver for this, and can give you an opportunity to give your guests more information with all the space you have available. Or perhaps get crafty by trying your hand (or a creative friend’s) at making your own invitations. And remember to be selective with who you’re sending the invites to – the more guests, the higher the cost. Consider only inviting those who aren’t as close to you to just the evening to cut venue and catering costs.

Next comes the outfits, and if you’re willing to sacrifice the designer wedding dress or suit, there are plenty of options to keep the cost down. From rentals to second hand dresses, there is more than likely a dress out there that will be perfect for you, even if it has been worn before – for example, sells gowns that you know have only been worn once before. High street chains also offer some beautiful wedding gowns and suits which won’t break the bank, with a great range available. It also goes without saying that the bigger the bridal part, the bigger the cost – therefore be careful who you ask to be part of your big day, or perhaps ask them to contribute towards the cost of their own outfit.

When it comes to food on the big day, there are plenty of changes you can make to keep costs down, from simply choosing a budget friendly menu to perhaps even changing from a sit down meal to a buffet. You could also save money on catering by offering your wedding cake as dessert rather than paying for a separate one – as well as saving money on the cake itself by asking a talented friend or family member to make you one. When it comes to the bar, consider keeping tabs on what drinks you provide to prevent the surprise of an extortionate bill when you come to pay it, perhaps by agreeing a drinks package with your venue throughout the day and offering a cash bar during the evening.

A great way of cutting costs on your wedding day is to keep décor simple – whether this is by simply having less, buying second-hand decorations or even making your own, there are plenty of ways to do this. Ebay and Facebook have great marketplaces where you can purchase pre-owned wedding pieces, and sites such as Pinterest feature a wide range of tutorials which can help you with some wedding DIY. The best part about a barn wedding at a venue like Blackstock is that DIY décor just adds to the rustic charm!

Wedding flowers can also cost a fortune, so consider how important these are to your big day. You could buy or make non-floral centrepieces and decorations, or a great idea is to perhaps try decorating with empty mason jars, which the bridal party can place their bouquets into after the initial ceremony – a very creative use of recycling!

When it comes to entertainment, why not hire an amateur musician or band? This could be a great cost-saver, rather than paying for a big name, while also giving an unknown a brilliant opportunity to get some exposure. Or if a DJ is more your thing, consider asking them to play only for the evening reception and make use of an iPod playlist when you can, such as during dinner.

And of course, choose a venue with cost-friendly wedding packages! Here at Blackstock we offer discounted rates for our late availability dates, such as these for Summer 2018, as well as offers for weekday weddings. To find out more about how we can help you have the wedding of your dreams without breaking the bank, email us at or give us a call on 01323 848006.

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