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Best Places to Find Wedding Inspo

If you take the time to look there is almost an infinite supply of wedding inspo out there. However, it can be difficult to filter through and discover what you enjoy.

The following options are a great way to start figuring out how you want your big day to be.


Instagram is one of the most useful tools in your arsenal to find inspiration for your wedding. People love sharing their weddings and how everything looked on their big day. Take advantage of this.

Use a couple of generic ‘wedding-type’ hashtags to find an endless list of wedding inspo and wedding trends. If you find something specific that really catches your eye then don’t be scared to search for more out-there topics – they are bound to be out there somewhere.

Our Instagram is also jam-packed full of past and present weddings. We are a beautiful countryside wedding and events venue set in the rolling South Downs of Sussex. We have a stunning Tudor Barn and Granary available for ceremonies and receptions.


Here is another great platform, full of ideas, designs and companies who can help to give you your dream wedding.


Even TikTok will give you lots of ideas when it comes to what you could do for your own special day. So many fun videos on here, as well as disasters! But also lots of inspiration.

Local Florists

Flowers can be used to make a wedding extra special. They are a key ingredient to any wedding.

They offer a touch of colour, depth and feeling to your special day. On average you can expect to spend around 10-15 percent of your wedding budget on flowers alone for your wedding, so it’s worth getting this one right and dedicating a large amount of time to find good wedding inspo.

Popping into your local florists and having a chat with them about what they would recommend is a great first step. Be honest with them and make a list of your favourites.

Even if you don’t decide to go with your local people they are still likely to be very knowledgeable and have a wide range of beautiful flowers perfect for weddings.

Your Friends Weddings

Planning a wedding can be quite daunting but the support of a friend who has had the experience of getting married is incredibly valuable.

If you have the responsibility of being the first of your friends to tie the knot then don’t panic, there are endless forums online as well as professionals that you can seek the opinion of.

Family Weddings

It is likely that you have already been to a wedding or two. Think back to these and decide upon what went well and didn’t as well as what you liked and might not have done.

Having the experience of being a guest at a wedding is priceless when it comes to planning your own. Even though your wedding should be about you and your fiancée, you cant forget about the experience of your guests


These important images will be what and how you remember your big day, for many years to come. So you want to pick the right photographer for you. There is so much choice out there and some amazing photographers. Look on social media, once you have a few choices. See their work, chat with them and keep in touch. You really need to gel with your photographer for them to get the best out of you and your partner! When you are relaxed, the photos will just be glorious!!

Food Tasting Experience

The food you serve is one of the most important parts of your wedding. The wedding breakfast usually follows directly after the ceremony so it’s important you don’t dampen the mood with some sub-par dining.

Think about what food and flavours you enjoy and see if they’re appropriate; remember the bride normally wears white!

Look at some venues or caterers you like and invite your fiancé to a food tasting experience. Food tasting is a perfect way to figure out what you want to be included on your menu.

We do recommend that you hold off on a food tasting experience until you are happy with the venue and/or caterer you are going with.

It’s important to ensure your vision matches the caterer’s vision. This avoids any unnecessary surprises on the big day.

Notes & Lists

Inspiration can be found wherever you look and at any moment, whether that can be whilst looking out of your window in the morning or whilst in the shower. What’s important is that you don’t forget the inspirational thought you just had.

Be sure to have a notebook on hand or a list on your phone with anything that you think would be a nice suggestion or addition to your wedding. Even if you think it’s something you’d never go for it’s always worth jotting it down.

You should also write anything you liked or didn’t like about the options above. This makes all of the future planning stages so much easier.

Plus it will be nice to look back over a little notebook packed to the brim with ideas, doodles and pictures showing the journey of you planning the best day of your life.

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