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Benefits of Having an Intimate Wedding

For many people, the idea of having an intimate wedding would be a dream come true. If you’ve ever considered a more close wedding but are worried about if one would suit your day, here are some benefits of having an intimate wedding.

Intimate weddings are less stressful

It’s no secret that planning a wedding involves huge amounts of stress. There are so many details to take into consideration and keep track of. Not only do you have to worry about the logistics but you also must try to balance that with what other people think.

Agreeing with your partner that you’re going to have an intimate wedding from the get-go makes every step that little bit easier. Opting for a venue in an intimate setting means fewer eyes on you, which could remove some of that additional pressure when you walk down the aisle. What’s more, everyone present will be a face that you know and love making the event as a whole that bit more comfortable.

You should feel free to plan your wedding day however you so choose and if someone has a problem with that decision… well, they’re likely not worthy of enjoying the privilege of spending time with you on your wedding day. It’s your wedding after all!


Smaller budgets

We are by no means suggesting that by inviting fewer people you are going to have a low-cost wedding. A wedding is an extremely expensive endeavour but an experience that you’ll treasure for the rest of your life. However, in comparison to a larger wedding, it is highly likely to drop your overhead costs. You can greatly reduce your outgoings on food and drink as well as table decorations. What’s more is that it offers so much more flexibility, allowing you to have the day you envisioned.



Having a smaller wedding gives you the flexibility to choose the options you actually want for your day, not just what you can afford. Say you wanted a more premium menu for your wedding breakfast. Upgrading the dishes of 30 people is going to cost you considerably less than it would to do the same for 100! This same rule can be applied to every aspect of your day that involves guests.

Choosing the photographer of your dreams will take a smaller hit to the bank account because of the savings you’ve made elsewhere. The way you allocate your budget is important; having fewer guests has the potential to improve other aspects of your day.

Additionally, you’ll be able to tailor the day to suit what you think you and your guests would prefer. Instead of trying to please the crowd, you can instead mold your day into the perfect event specifically for you as well as those attending. With a more intimate wedding, only the people closest to you should be attending. This should make personalising your day that little bit easier.


Meaningful day

At so many weddings guests may end up feeling like they’ve barely spoken to the bride or groom themselves. A couple’s wedding day is a particularly busy one, and the pair rarely get the chance to properly bond with their guests. With a smaller number of guests, you can allocate more time to each person. This allows you to share a more emotional connection and a real feeling of togetherness with your guests.

On top of this, a smaller party will encourage guests to mingle with each other instead of separating off into their own little cliques. This will lead to a much more relaxed environment full of positive energy, perfect for celebrating!



Excluding the list above, there are so many more benefits of having an intimate wedding. It’s important to know that you can still have a magical day even if you’re sharing it with a smaller, more close-knit group.

Obviously, as we are sure you know, we can seat up to 150 people – so even though we are chatting here about the benefits of a smaller and intimate wedding, we can also accommodate larger numbers as well and always love our Estate to be filled with lots of happy and excited faces!

If you’re looking for an intimate wedding, the best thing to do is start planning it now. You’ll be surprised how much of a difference it can make to your experience overall!

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Here at Blackstock Country Estate, we have a wonderfully charming yet cosy Tudor Barn for your ceremony. A short walk away lies our equally lovely Granary, which makes for the perfect location for your wedding breakfast. We’re lucky enough to be located deep in the midst of the great Sussex countryside. We have picturesque rolling hills and an abundance of wildlife, all on our doorstep! For more info about our venue feel free to contact us. Give us a call on  01323 848 006 or email

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