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Place Cards & Table Plans

One of the hardest things to tackle on your wedding day is your guest’s seating arrangements. Though it is not strictly necessary, most couples do opt to create a wedding seating chart. Any kind of sit-down affair is made infinitely simpler with the assignment of seats.

Not only does it make life easier for your guests but it really helps the floor staff operate a smooth plated dinner service. Otherwise, things can quickly get confusing. The majority of venues actually require assigned seating at your reception for this very reason.

Once you have decided upon your seating chart, congratulations by the way if that’s you, you need to start thinking about your signage. You might have everybody’s spot memorised to a tee in your head, however, your guests do not. This is where wedding signage comes in – it’s time to think about whether you’re going to use place cards or seating plans… Or both!

What Are Wedding Place Cards?

Place cards are designed to designate and direct each guest to their specific seat at your wedding reception. Place cards can often appear more formal so take this into consideration and if it’ll accommodate the mood you’re trying to create.  Traditionally, they are placed at each spot on the table to allocate a person to their own designated seat. In order to minimise confusion, you will also need to have a table plan informing people of their table location.


What Is A Wedding Table Plan?

A wedding table plan is a way for you to organise which table each of your guests will sit at by creating a visual representation of the table layout. From this, you can then assign each guest to their specific seat and you will need place cards to achieve this. Oftentimes a table plan will be beautifully decorated and fit the theme a couple is trying to achieve. They are typically displayed in a pronounced position as guests walk into, or before, the reception room. A table plan ensures there is no confusion or embarrassment for the guest left standing at a table without a seat.


Should I Use Place Cards & A Table Plan For My Wedding?

A table plan is the bare minimum essential for your wedding. The last thing you want to do is make any of your guests uncomfortable when they’re eating. You want everyone to enjoy themselves massively and have as equally fond memories of the day as you do. A table plan requires such little effort but prevents so many potential issues, from family squabbles to catering mishaps. The only exception to not having a table plan is if you’re certain that your wedding is going to be incredibly small or if you’re opting for a self-service buffet.

If you’re having a sit-down reception and you’re serving different menu options the majority of venues will actually require you to have place cards. Floor staff will commonly use place cards to indicate which guests have requested an alternative menu. Essentially, it quickly informs staff who at each table has requested a substitute dessert or the vegan option. This is usually done by listing the information on the back of the card, or perhaps just by a colourful marker or subtle difference in pattern.

Place cards are often a welcomed choice by guests too. If they suit the sense of atmosphere you’ve created they will work seamlessly. Some people actually prefer place cards as it completely removes any sort of decision-making on their part; meaning they cannot mess up your big day.

Our goal is to ensure that your special day runs as smoothly as possible; this process starts during the planning stages. Our professional opinion is that a table plan and place cards are a great idea; they will avoid possible problems on the day. It may be a massive stress for you beforehand, but on the day, you can then forget about it!


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