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A Spring Wedding Venue overlooking the Sussex Downs

As the spring flowers start to make an appearance and the sun slowly starts to creep in more and more it makes us think about how perfect Blackstock Estate is for a spring wedding. With views that take your breath away and flowers popping up over the grounds, it really does make the most picturesque venue.

Why Spring?

The weather and temperature plays a big part on your magical day. You don’t want it too cold and you don’t want it way too hot, you need it to be just right, right? Spring is one of the most popular times of year to get married. With a gentle breeze still in the air and the warmth of the sun just starting to grow in strength, it really seems like the most perfect time to get married. Especially if you want to be outside for a lot of your big day.

Spring, as we all know is the time for all of nature to come to life again. It’s a sense of a fresh start for the year and new beginnings. With Easter representing newness in nature, a lot of people feel that spring is the time for everything fresh and new, making it the perfect time to tie the knot. Not only is the weather ‘just right’ but the flower choices are endless. Everything has just come out in bloom again meaning not only will your bouquet be phenomenal but the picture opportunities at Blackstock Estate will be endless. 

The Views

We can’t deny that Blackstock Estate is breathtaking all year round. The views are just something else. Nothing beats that feeling after you have just got married and you take a moment with your new spouse to look out at the rolling hills of the Sussex Downs. Not only will taking in the views of the gorgeous green Sussex Downs feel special but it will also make your wedding photographs ooze vibrancy and freshness. Being able to look back over your special day with the sun shining and the spring flowers in shot is unbeatable. 


With Blackstock Estate being nestled in some of the best parts of the English countryside, it means you may be lucky enough to spot some beautiful nature. You’ll hear the birds chirping and with it being spring, you might be able to capture the moment with some amazing wildlife. We are very lucky at Blackstock Estate to be called home for some incredible animals and birds. Spring is the best time to be able to see that. 

Longer Days

Your wedding day is the day to dance the night away and celebrate a lifetime of happiness. You never want to cut that short, just because it’s getting dark too quickly. That’s one of the best things about having a spring wedding. The days are longer and the nights seem shorter, meaning your celebrations will feel endless. With the sun not setting till later into the evening you’ll have so many opportunities to be outside for longer, more pictures with the sun starting to set and that beautiful spring evening breeze. 

Flowers and Colours

Baby pinks, sherbet yellows and fresh green tones are all the colours of spring and make the most perfect wedding shades. If you are set on soft floral colours throughout your wedding, then spring definitely ticks all those boxes. You won’t have any trouble finding flowers in those light and bright shades.

From peonies to primroses and hyacinths to heather, the spring flower opportunities are endless. You’ll create the most gorgeous soft, sweet, spring aesthetic with these beautiful pastel shades. Not only will the flowers be a crowd pleaser but you just know if your bridesmaid’s dresses match that soft floral theme you’ll have some very happy bridesmaids too! 

Next steps

So, as you can see spring can be a fantastic time to tie the knot and begin a new chapter. With the unbeatable views and colourful tones, your wedding will for sure be one to remember! 

If you would like to have a spring wedding venue overlooking the Sussex Downs, then we are the people to talk to! Either book a viewing of our fabulous Estate, or perhaps download our brochure to take a longer look about us.

We can’t wait to meet you x

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