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What’s Expected of the Best Man?

As the wedding day approaches, the role of a Best Man and his Groomsmen moves into the spotlight, all cloaked in tradition and camaraderie. Many wonder what it truly means to stand beside the Groom during this important chapter in his life. Through equal parts honour and duty, a Best Man’s role is pivotal to the wedding’s success and the Groom’s morale. So on an important day such as this, what’s expected of the Best Man?

What Does it Mean to be a Best Man?

Being a Groomsman is an honour bestowed upon the closest friends and family of the groom, reflecting trust and camaraderie. Being a Best Man is the most important role out of all the group. These select individuals are part of the Groom’s inner circle and play a pivotal role in both the wedding planning process and the actual events surrounding the nuptials. More than just participants, the Best Man and the Groomsmen are there to provide moral support, help mitigate any challenges, and ensure that the Groom’s wedding day experience is as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

Understanding Your Role

As the Best Man, it’s your job to keep the Groom in check. Make sure he is okay physically and mentally and ensure he feels the best he possibly can.  There are a few small basics you can cover to make his day even easier.

Going the Extra Mile

Pre-Wedding Responsibilities

There are a few things before the big day that will need planning and that is the Best Man’s job!

Planning the Bachelor Party

Attire and Accessories


Emotional Support

Everyone gets wedding day wobbles, it’s a big day and it is perfectly normal to feel nervous. It’s up to the Best Man along with the rest of the Groomsmen to help the Groom relax.

Pre-Wedding Nerves

Day-of Nerves

On the Wedding Day

Before the Ceremony

During the Ceremony

After the Ceremony

Reception Responsibilities

Speeches and Toasts

Assisting the Groom


Being a Best Man or Groomsman is a significant responsibility, but it’s also a great experience to play such an important role in the day. By being proactive, supportive, and reliable, you’ll not only help make his wedding day a success but also strengthen your love and friendship. Embrace the role with enthusiasm and dedication, and you’ll create lasting memories for yourself and the Groom.

Get In Touch!

We hope you now know more of what’s expected of the Best Man. Additionally, if you are after some advice on your wedding planning we would be more than happy to guide you in the right direction. Call the team on 01323 848 006 and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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