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Rebecca & Jason’s Wedding at Blackstock Estate

In October of last year, we had the pleasure of hosting Mr and Mrs Thatcher’s wedding here at Blackstock Country Estate. Working alongside this couple to create a truly wonderful day was a pleasure. We loved every moment of working with them both. The whole team were so passionate about making this day one to remember. Here is how things went: 

Rebecca & Jason’s Ceremony and Reception at Blackstock Country Estate

Rebecca and Jason’s day was most definitely a special one. From beginning to end, their wedding had a genuine feel about it. They found the perfect balance between traditional and personal style with all of their creative ideas.
From the moment they arrived at Blackstock Country Estate, the couple knew it would be the place they say “I do”. The breathtaking views and charming renovated Tudor Barns cemented Blackstock as the perfect backdrop for their wedding.

Rebecca’s Bridal Suite

Rebecca opted to take full advantage of our onsite bridal suite and dressing room. This truly kickstarts the day off with some fun and excitement. The bride, mums, bridesmaids, as well as any other chosen guests, can have their hair and makeup done here if required. Being on-site also means once you are ready, you can change and relax as you don’t need to travel anywhere. Using our fabulous bridal room allows everyone to get ready together and helps to kick-start the day with excitement.

Their Ceremony

The couple’s day guests began arriving at around 13:00pm for a 14:00pm ceremony. 

Their ceremony was like a fairy tale. The wing of our Tudor Barn was decorated so elegantly. It always creates such a dreamy yet romantic atmosphere for our couples. Rebecca’s breathtaking dress and Jason’s sharp suit only added to the ambience of the already beautiful space. Their ceremony was filled with many sentimental moments. From the couple’s first kiss as husband and wife to the joyful smiles and tears of their guests. It was most definitely one to remember.

Post Ceremony

After the ceremony, all the guests were invited outside to enjoy some drinks and canapes prepared by our catering team. With their guests happily occupied Rebecca and Jason snuck away and partook in a professional photoshoot with friend of Blackstock, John Scofield Photography

It is very likely your wedding day will feel like a dream. This is why we think having the opportunity to slow things down and live in the moment with the person you just married is so special. This time together shouldn’t be overlooked – plus you get left with some fabulous photos to reminisce over for years to come.

Once the Bride and Groom finished their shoot, everyone ventured into the Granary Barn and were seated in preparation for their meal.

The Menu

Everyone was seated for the wedding breakfast in the Granary Barn. The bride and groom were announced as a married couple for the first time as they entered the room. The couple were met by a wave of applause and cheers. With the help of the Blackstock culinary team, Rebecca and Jason did an excellent job of creating a menu that was a feast for all the senses. The menu featured some fantastic savoury dishes and desserts that looked too good to eat! Heres what was served:


served with crispy pancetta, heritage tomato salsa and roasted pepper dressing


served on a bed of roasted Mediterranean vegetables and new potatoes with a vine tomato and red pepper sauce


served with fresh berries and shortbread biscuit

The newlyweds had arranged for the speeches to be held after the main but before dessert. This was a great option for the couple as it kept the crowd engaged and really improved the flow of things. It allowed for the speeches to be as meaningful and well-appreciated as they should be. 

Evening Celebrations

Once the guests had finished their meals everyone was invited back into the Tudor Barn where a fully stocked bar was waiting in preparation for an evening of celebrations!

As the last of their evening guests arrived the celebrations were officially underway. The happy couple cut their wedding cake and followed that by enjoying a first dance as a married couple. This was an extraordinarily intimate moment for the couple, we hope they treasure that moment forever and remember it fondly.

When things finally came to a close the newlyweds made the short walk back to our Goat Shed, their luxury accommodation for the night. The tucked-away space offers the perfect location to properly digest the day that would have just flown by. 

We have a wide range of onsite accommodation that can be booked for any family and friends, making the journey back to their bed as easy as possible.

Would You Like To Enjoy All This Too?

Let us make your special day unforgettable. Our skilled wedding planners and coordinators bring a wealth of experience and a passion for creating dream weddings. The team here take great pride in their work and are fully dedicated to ensuring your day is nothing short of perfect. 

Contact us when you’re ready to start planning and we’ll be here to assist you every step of the way.

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