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Wedding Table Decorations Checklist

Your wedding table decorations, along with all the other extras, really allow you to express yourself creatively on your wedding day. Ensure your guests laugh, dine and drink in elegance by adorning the tables with tasteful and meaningful decor.

We get it, you want everything to look and feel perfect on your special day. We agree that no feature or detail should be overlooked, no matter how small. During the reception, your guests are going to be spending the majority of their time sitting at the table enjoying their meal. It must look fabulous!




Here at Blackstock Estate, we all love a good floral arrangement. Unless executed extremely well, some tables can look slightly bare without the addition of flower decorations. It’s important to think about many things when choosing what flowers you want to include in your arrangement. For example, the time of year can play a factor in what flowers are available. It’s also important to consider if certain flowers look out of place during certain times of the year. You wouldn’t see a sunflower in early January without asking some questions…

Typically, couples are looking at spending over £1000 for their flowers alone! If you want to reduce this budget slightly, then how about swapping large centrepieces for smaller bud vases, where you can create a purposefully minimalist effect that looks just fabulous. Keep in mind, if you opt for the minimalist effect the flowers you use have to look fantastic alone; maybe think large blooms such as Orchids or Hydrangea.


There are many different styles and options when it comes to centrepieces. The floral arrangement is a timeless classic that, if you take the time to discuss with an experienced florist, you can’t get wrong.

It’s also important to consider the height of your floral arrangements. Floral centrepieces need to be below the chin or above the heads of your guests. We normally recommend below the chin as it offers an unobstructed view of the person opposite you. However tall displays can look stunning! We’ve all been to events with centrepieces that are far too large and struggled to talk to a person through them. Below are a couple of excellent examples of what looks lovely:

The first image shows the arrangement above head height. This still allows for your guests to talk to someone opposite them and looks beautiful. The other option is to have a below the chin arrangement. These are also really endearing and look just as lovely as larger floral centrepieces.

Candles and Candelabras

There are many options when it comes to candles and candelabras. White candles are a beautiful and ethereal touch to any table. However, you may want to consider kicking things up a notch and selecting some oversized candelabras for a touch of old-world romance.

Candles are great at commanding attention and are perfect if you’re starting to think there’s too much greenery.  Candles definitely offer a delightful atmosphere. After all, fairytale weddings call for the most enchanting of decorations.

However, you mustn’t look at candles as a cheaper alternative to flowers. They can often be just as expensive, if not more, depending upon how many guests you’re accommodating

Place Cards & Table Plans

Seating arrangements are one of the many challenges you have to face when you invite guests to your event. Both table plans and place cards are designed to direct your guests to their allocated seats.

Table plans direct the guest to their table and place cards will be to their specific seat. A table plan can be precise or perhaps simply direct the guests to their table, where they can then choose their own seating arrangements. This without a doubt has its advantages. Some people might be lefties, or want to sit on the outside edge for easier in and out for bathroom (or bar) runs. Your guests are more than capable of situating themselves at a table which could lead to a more comfortable arrangement.

However, most venues like to have specific place cards. This, more often than not, will be so the floor staff can serve food without any hassle. Most place cards will be subtly distinguishable with colour or font, allowing floor staff to seamlessly know who has ordered what, without having to question the guests.

Wedding Favours

Wedding favours are by no means a necessary addition to your wedding. However, they do show your appreciation to your guests, as well as giving you the opportunity to show your personality as a couple.

Traditionally, wedding favours are small keepsakes given to wedding guests on a wedding day, often symbolising good luck for the couple. These days, wedding favours can be as unique and creative as you can imagine. Here at Blackstock, we have seen everything from love heart sweets to potted plant seeds.

We’ve also noticed that wedding favours your guests can enjoy in the moments always seem to go down a treat. Little shots, offering a non-alcoholic option as well, are always a great way to kick start the celebrations. Think chocolates or mini bottles of your favourite alcohol with the guests’ names on the front. Little personalised details go a long way with these, so try to include them if it works with your budget.

Get In Touch

Planning the decor of a wedding is one of the most challenging things you’ll have to do. There is an immense amount of pressure for everything to be perfect and exactly as you envisioned.

Here at Blackstock Country Estate, we’ll help you every step of the way. Our talented and experienced team of professionals will guide you, ensuring everything goes as smoothly as possible.

To have a quick chat, feel free to call us on 01323 848 006. Alternatively, you can send us an email at or fill in a contact form here. We aim to respond to all enquires within 24 hours, so hopefully, we won’t keep you waiting long.

We look forward to hearing from you x

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