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Those Extra Little Wedding Touches

Your wedding day is one of the most special and memorable occasions of your life. It’s the opportunity for you to publicly express your love and commitment to your partner as you embark on a beautiful journey together. And every couple like to make their wedding just that little bit different by adding those extra little wedding touches to really personalise their day 

We recently took a look back over some of our favourite weddings held at Blackstock Estate and found some of the little details that really make the day that bit more special. They say that the little things make the biggest difference. We’re going to show you some wonderful examples of why that’s true.

The Importance of Paying Attention to Little Details

Focusing on the little things can help you fine-tune the exact tone and ambience of the entire event.  Building a theme on your day is key. The reflection of each couple’s personal style in the decor is what makes a wedding much more memorable. The little details provide an opportunity to infuse your unique story into every aspect of the day.

Paying attention to all the little details will create something really special for your wedding day. From unusual flowers, to fun or creative table decorations – flowers, lights, candles, chiffon…everything that could make your day just that bit more magical. The ideas are endless and at Blackstock Estate you even get to decorate two barns!

Wedding Cake Stand

At the recent wedding of Charlotte and Kieran we noticed the beautiful presentation of the couples wedding cake. The wedding cake is at the heart of every wedding reception and is an iconic part of the celebration as a whole. A unique stand has the power to transform the entire display and capture the attention of your guests by adding a touch of elegance.

You can always choose to have fun wedding cake, or perhaps one made of cheese that can double up for the evening buffet! Many couples create their wedding cakes around their family, hobbies, jobs or passions – get creative and enjoy it!

Personalised Goodie Bags

At Kirsty and Callum’s wedding, they decided to offer each of their guests a personalised goodie bag. We thought this was lovely gesture from the couple, that also expressed their gratitude for every person’s attendance. A gift or goodie bag adds a personal touch to the day and makes every one of your guests feel valued and appreciated from the off.

What’s more, a goodie bag could contain items that become cherished keepsakes for friends and family. This doesn’t mean that you need to spend lots. It can be as simple as a small packet of flower seeds or perhaps a miniature bottle of champagne with personalised labels. You and your partner need to bear in mind that it’s the thought that counts with this one, not necessaily the amount spent.

Seasonal Details

One wedding we keep returning to was Katie and Matthew’s because of the commitment to a springtime theme for their day. In order to achieve this atmosphere effectively, all the little details were accounted for. The array of sunflowers dotted around paired with the general hints of green and yellow brought such a positive vibe to their day. We highly recommend you take a look at their day if you’re looking for some inspiration.

Perhaps it is a real summer wedding you are having, or over the winter months, take these into account and go with seasonal flowers, as well as all those extras that are more predominant to your season.

Colour Details

If you’re looking for a unique day, then look no further than Sophie and Alex’s wedding. This couple decided on a theme of purple and blue for their special day (perhaps it was something to do with Sophie’s love of purple and her hair colour!). They extended this through to their flowers, lighting, and even photo accessories, like the smoke effects. It was clear that this couple had a vision, and it truly set the tone for the event. The purple added a sense of enchantment and magic to their day, which everyone loved! Overall, the sense of personality from their day was incredibly evident, nobody will be forgetting that day in a hurry!

Unique Ring Boxes

The exchanging of the rings is the most cherished moment of the wedding ceremony as it symbolosed the bond and commitment between the couple. One way this event could be made even more special is by opting for a unique and personalised ring box. Besides their first purpose of bearing the rings, a ring box becomes a sentimental item that you treasure. By incorporating a name, date or initial you can make the box mean that much more.

Alternatively, instead of going down the personalised route, you can simply include a high quality ring box to add a touch of elegance. Consider an intricate design or handdcrafted elements to elevate the box to a work of art. One that you will want to pass on as a family heirloom.

Table Decorations and Flowers

The wedding breakfast makes up a large part of your wedding and the tables need to really look fabulous. Creating something special to sit in the middle of every table shows design flair and creativity.

The flowers that adorn the venue as a whole will create a beautiful flow from one barn to another.


Whether you are in the armed forces, have a strong ethnicity or want to have some real fun with your wedding clothing, then now is definitely the time to do it! People won’t forget your wedding when they can laugh or be emotional about how you made them feel on the day.


It is all in the SHOES!

Here the bride (or indeed groom!) can have fun with their shoes, going for either something really stylish that they would never normally wear, or perhaps going for something comfortable yet showing so much personality!

You can even personalise them!

Remembering Others

Many couples like to pay their respects and show love for those who aren’t with us anymore. Ths is a really special tribute and makes everyone feel like those we have loved and lost are still with us…

Get in Touch

There really are so many extra little touches that can really personalise your wedding – we have seen so much wonderful creativity, it is mind blowing!

If you are looking to enjoy your wedding day with us or have any questions about those extra little wedding touches for your wedding then please get in touch. Give the team a call on 01323 848 006 or email A member of the team will be back in touch with you as quickly as possible. We aim to answer all enquiries within 24 hours, so hopefully we won’t keep you waiting too long.

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