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The Best Colour Pallets For Your Wedding

Deciding on a colour pallet can be one of the most important decisions you make in the planning stages of your wedding. If done correctly it can create some magical memories as well as some stunning photographs. In this post, we’ve collected images from actual weddings, some from here at Blackstock Country Estate, and created pallets from them. This should give you some inspiration and help you on your journey to discovering what you want for your big day.


Muted Heaven

Here we have a tried and tested choice that is always going to be wonderful. Varying shades of white paired with unsaturated light pinks and greens never fails to look magnificent. It offers such a pure and heavenly atmosphere when executed correctly.

Spring Time

Here we have a bright and joyful wedding theme. It takes full advantage of the naturally happy vibe that spring gives off. They have used sunflowers, petals and earthy tones such as browns and greens to create this effect perfectly.

Winter Gold

Here we have another magical theme. They have chosen, again muted earthy tones through the use of evergreen trees and flowers. The accent of gold, on the plate and ring cushion, brings in a luxury feel without comprising the theme.

Pink and Green

Again looking at natural tones. The light pink shades play a supporting role to the hints of gold, seen on the dress and brass plate the cake is on. The pink is meant to be used in slightly more muted shades and not take over the pallet by being too bold or bright.


This colour pallet screams royalty, hence the name. The deep blue paired with the luxurious golds and yellows will make a wedding spectacular. Ensure you don’t go too overboard with the gold however, it’s meant to be an accent to the shades of blue.

Muted Natural Greys

We think it’s becoming clear that muted, natural tones are the way to go. Here’s another example of the unsaturated pink and green mentioned before. It also emphasises how versatile the pallet is.

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