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Married At First Sight Christmas Reunion!

This was a really exciting few days for the Blackstock team. The Married At First Sight Christmas Reunion was held at Blackstock Country Estate!

Take a look at their Instagram story promoting the programme:

Filmed over four days, we had visits from CPL, where the film crew came to map out what could be filmed at the Estate and where. Once finalised, they confirmed they wanted to work at Blackstock Estate.

Day One

Rig day!  This was where the film crew came in, including light & sound technicians as well as the art department

They set up the equipment and decorated the entire estate.  From every room within our accommodation through to the outside courtyards.

This included a big delivery of around 25 Christmas trees!

Day Two

The cast began to arrive through out the day. The cast were all given carefully designated accommodation so it didn’t ruin any shock reactions, for filming purposes.

Later that evening they filmed the on screen arrivals until 1am!  This was filmed from down our road, arriving at the front where the Tudor barn entrance is, through the Tudor courtyard arch, into the Tudor wing, arriving through the Tudor barn where they all saw each other for the first time again.

Once acquainted they drank punch and ate canapes, made by our own chefs.

They also exchanged secret Santa gifts, as you can see in the show!


Day Three

This was a full filming day. Throughout the day and night they filmed, from morning until around 2am.

They filmed snippets of chats between cast members & couples, as well as reflecting on their experiences within the experiment and the status of their relationships now.

On this day they also filmed the final dinner party: a Christmas dinner with all the trimmings was served, cooked and prepared by our chefs.

Followed by Nikita from the 2021 season, arrived as a bombshell causing disruption… before storming out of the dinner party!

Filming then finished with carols around the piano.


Day Four

The cast members departed.

The filming crew de-rigged and put our Estate back to how it was before.


What an amazing few days it was and we all thoroughly enjoyed the experience. If you love MAFS, then you must watch the Christmas Reunion!

Our thanks goes to everyone involved in the project.

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