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Celebrant Weddings – What are they and do you want one?

If you’re looking for a highly personalised wedding that breaks free of the legal constraints of a traditional marriage ceremony, then you might want to employ the services of a celebrant.

A celebrant could help you bring alive your dream of having a wedding deep in the forest – or in the middle of an open field.  You could intertwine your vows with quotes from Lord of the Rings – and sing songs from West Side Story!

Having a celebrant at the helm means that you can let your imagination run wild – and craft a wedding that’s totally 100% unique and personal to YOU.

Further to that, if you’re looking to renew your vows, celebrate a loved one’s life or hold a baby-naming event – then a celebrant is perfect.

You can read more about the role of a celebrant on Claire’s Bradford’s blog and, if that makes you think, ‘Wow! I need a celebrant for MY wedding!’ – get in touch with us at Blackstock!
We can make it happen!

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