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Barn or Ballroom Wedding?

Barn weddings have exploded in popularity in the UK over the last few years, and venues such as Blackstock Estate are busier than ever! In an unsurprising turn (for us anyway), romantic venues with a rustic charm have stolen the spotlight from traditional hotel ballroom weddings. And we aren’t talking about the hey-down barn dance idea of a barn wedding – we are talking about having a beautiful old barn (or maybe two!) that have been renovated with style, class and luxury accessories!

So could barns be the new ballroom? Let’s discuss and find out… 

Many couples are now turning to a more relaxed and rustic wedding day. A barn wedding strikes the perfect balance between style and budget, whilst also offering a memorable day for you and your guests. Loads more wonderful photo opportunities and some real rustic charm!

Decor Opportunities

The dramatic increase in outdoorsy barn weddings can be put down to the many benefits enjoying one brings. First and foremost, the unique decor opportunities a barn offers can provide you with the potential to create an intimate and inviting atmosphere for your big day. Having a unique backdrop for your wedding that is both elegant, yet comfortable for everyone, will make your day memorable for years to come. With exposed wood beam arches and sandstone floors, you can seamlessly integrate some natural touches to create a really romantic atmosphere. 


Holding a barn wedding also gives you a tremendous amount of flexibility in terms of design. Due to the large open spaces and relatively blank starting canvas, there is a lot of room to create a personal theme or style for your day. In the past, we’ve worked with a variety of unique ideas and used these to develop something truly special. From decorations to catering, we can help you create your desired aesthetic.

Location in the countryside

One of the most prominent things that draw people to a barn venue is typically the natural surroundings. Here at Blackstock Country Estate, we have over 70 acres of breathtaking Sussex Countryside. Finding somewhere that is rural, yet refined and romantic can be a challenge. Our grounds are surrounded by open meadows and peaceful lakes. Having the chance of spotting some wild deer, among other wildlife, roaming freely can add a magical charm to your day. 

Ease of Planning

Some people have made the point that the planning of a ballroom is much simpler due to there being established relationships with vendors.  Blackstock Estate has built up numerous excellent contacts over years. From florists to entertainment and photographers, we have an extensive list of recommendations for your day.

In terms of catering, we have a talented in-house team that provides exceptional quality, creativity and high standards of service. Our chefs use only the finest ingredients, locally sourced where possible, and will work with you to produce a bespoke menu to suit your taste, budget and theme.  All of this is accompanied by exceptional service. Our front-of-house team are professional, friendly and attentive and will look after your guests to the point of spoiling them!    

Is a Barn Wedding Right For You?

Ultimately, no one can answer this question other than you and your partner. Take into account your personal preferences and priorities. If you’re looking for a relaxed and rustic atmosphere, a barn wedding might be a perfect choice. Why not Book a viewing and then you can decide for yourself!

You should visit all the venues you are considering before you make a final decision. A venue can have a completely different look and feel about it, one that cannot be captured with a camera. 

Feel free to get in touch to ask any questions or discuss your vision with the venue coordinator to ensure that the space is the perfect fit for your wedding. Please call on 01323 848 006 or fill out our contact form. A member of the team will get back to you as soon as possible, we look forward to hearing from you xx

Note – our thanks to all the photographers who took the images above from the weddings we have had at Blackstock Estate. Please see the original case studies.

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